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Hi, My name is Bailey and I am seven years old. I love to do all sorts of things like drawing, painting, beading, photography, baking, gardening, horseback riding, swimming, reading and tons more stuff too! I also love animals and I have six pets, a cat, a bird, three rats and a fish. My blog is the place where I get to share all the cool stuff I work on, see or think about every day. Enjoy!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Oil Pastel Drawings

Today I used the oil pastel crayons and canvas boards that my Auntie M bought me.  It was kind of hard but I liked it.  Here are the drawings I made...

This is a picture of my house in the winter in this picture my grammas dog is outside  getting ready to chase a squirrel that is collecting nuts  for wene he hibrnatse for winter.I just went insid from macing a snoman I went insid becuse I was geting cold. 

 "Autumn Tree"

 tis is a picture of a tree in the autumn with two different designse on eache side.  One is with white in the middle and the other is coloured stripes. 

  "Horse Relaxing in the Sun"
 The horse is relaxing in the sun, he went under a tree to get some shade because it was a very sunny day.  How I got the tree was I made one fat leg by accident and I made that into a tree.

 "A Horse Waiting for His Herd to Come Home From Vacation"
 This horse is waiting from it's herd to come home from vacation.  His herd went to the lake to get some food.  A lake that was really far away from home.

"The Magical Flower" 
This is a magical flower.  You can use it to make as many wishes as you want, as long as you don't destroy nature.  The reason why there is a rainbow in the middle is because that shows it is magical since normal flowers do not have rainbows in the middle.  

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