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Hi, My name is Bailey and I am seven years old. I love to do all sorts of things like drawing, painting, beading, photography, baking, gardening, horseback riding, swimming, reading and tons more stuff too! I also love animals and I have six pets, a cat, a bird, three rats and a fish. My blog is the place where I get to share all the cool stuff I work on, see or think about every day. Enjoy!

Monday, July 26, 2010

What I'm Going to do Soon.

next Wednesday I'm going to the Science Center to see the Harry Potter exhibit with my dad.  in the  Harry potter exhibit you get to play a game of quidich  and you get to try on the hat to sort  you in to your house.in the house there are grifndore slitherin hufllpuf and ravinclae .  I have two more play dates this week as well and my great grandparents are coming over to help me and my mom garden and get ready to get the vegetable garden growing next year and all the flowers to make them pretty and have a nice garden home.     

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